Politics of International Trade and Investments 

Application Deadline: 30 April, 2017

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Call for papers [pdf]

The Polish Political Science Yearbook invites all scholars, researchers, experts and professionals to submit papers, research reports, letters and research opinions, conference reports, review essays and book reviews to the Volume 46 of 2017. For the very first time, the PPSY plans to publish two issues: the first one in May–June 2017, while the second one in November–December 2017.

The PPSY welcomes all original contributions relevant to political science and its subdisciplines: comparative politics, international relations, development studies, security studies, public policy & governance, Polish and Central European politics, political theory & philosophy, political and electoral systems, as well as political communication. It also encourages Authors to present papers based on innovative approaches, and inter- or transdisciplinary investigations of political processes and institutions.

The PPSY is a leading Central European, indexed and peer-reviewed journal published by Polish Political Science Association and Adam Marszałek Publishing House. It implements the highest standards of academic journals and it continues to follow an aspiration to become influential international periodical presenting valuable contributions to political science. In 2017 the PPSY invites Authors to contribute to special section: "Politics of International Trade and Investments" (deadline for submission: February 15, 2017).

The section dencourages scholars to analyse changing landscape of international trade after the global economic crisis, new infrastructure for international investments and a global shift to the Pacific, impact of politics on perspectives for international entrepreneurship, national political strategies to support international economic development, a place of Central Europe in the global landscape of international trade, as well as politics of investment in Central Europe and Central European investments in the World. It is planned to be published in the second issue of the Volume 46 (November-December).

Before submission, please carefully consult the PPSY’s Submission Guidelines and Instruction for Authors (http://www.marszalek.com.pl/yearbook/submission.html) and consider standards of the PPSY’s Review Policy (http://www.marszalek.com.pl/yearbook/reviewpolicy.html).

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