The Polish Political Science Association supports scientific and research initiatives. According to its statutes, the goal is to support the development of political science, knowledge in the field, and the political culture.

Some of the key research and science objectives include:

  • initiation, support and financing of scientific conferences
  • recognition of outstanding publications in political science
  • awarding prizes for creative contributions to the development of political science and making political science popular
  • training and publishing
  • implementation of domestic and international research projects
  • supporting the development of Association’s scientific sections

The research and science schedule for 2023:

  1. Czesław Mojsiewicz Polish Political Science Association competition for the best doctoral thesis in political science.
  2. Project under the Excellent Science Programme – Support for scientific conferences on “Women scientific career paths in Polish political science – analysis”.
  3. Competition for the best scientific article (1st edition in 2023).
  4. Guide to publication strategies and good practices
  5. A guide to Polish political science journals
  6. Online training workshops on: a) promotion procedures; b) preparation and implementation of grants; c) publications in journals.